Changes per 1 December 2020

published on 01-11-2020

We will make a number of changes from 1 December 2020 concerning minimum purchase of paper questionaires and hand scoring profiles, shipping costs, and questionnaires in foreign languages.

Due to the increased costs for processing and sending orders, we are unfortunately forced to make a number of changes from 1 December next:

1. The minimum purchase of paper questionnaires and hand scoring forms will change from 10 to 50 pieces per set.

2. We will charge shipping costs in accordance with the table below.

Shipping costs up to 1,000 pieces of paper questionnaires and / or hand scoring forms. For shipments of more than 1,000 items, the following shipping costs are added to each thousand.


€15,-- excluding VAT

Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg

€26,-- excluding VAT

Other countries in Europe, including France, Norway, Finland and Poland

€33,-- excluding VAT

3. We no longer supply questionnaires in foreign languages. We will only continue to supply questionnaires in Dutch, French, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Polish. Questionnaires in other languages can be obtained from You will find the form with which you can specify the language and number of the requested questionnaires. You can also print questionnaires in all available languages using ASEBA-Web.

Over the course of next year, we will only supply paper questionnaires and hand scoring forms while supplies last. Instead, you can purchase ASEBA-Web via, with which you can administer and score the questionnaires online. You can also print questionnaires in many other languages with ASEBA-Web. A full list of the questionnaires to be administered online and to be printed can be found at

We understand that these changes may affect your orders. Because we would like to keep you as a customer, we therefore offer you a discount of 10% on your upcoming orders of the paper questionnaires and hand scoring forms. This discount is valid for your orders throughout December.
We hope for your understanding and look forward to a pleasant continued cooperation with you.


You can reach us on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9.00-15.00 hour. During these times we will respond to your messages and process your orders.

Phone: 010-703 61 91

Erasmus MC - Sophia Kinderziekenhuis
Afdeling Kinder- en jeugdpsychiatrie/psychologie ASEBA

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